Everyone deserves a full set of teeth and a beautiful smile. If you are missing several teeth, or have experienced mouth trauma or severe tooth decay, dentures may be a great option for restoring your smile. Many patients considering dentures have several questions for the dentist about the procedure and outcome. Peruse these frequently asked questions to find out more about restoring your smile.  

·         Are they hard to clean?  
Proper denture care is very similar to proper tooth care. Removable appliances should be cleaned as soon as possible after each meal with denture cleaner and a brush. To protect your new removable teeth from breakage, always clean them over a soft surface, such as a towel, just in case they are dropped at any point. Permanent dentures can be brushed just like natural teeth.  

·         Will it be difficult to eat?  
The affect your dentures have on your ability to eat normally depends on which type of appliance you choose. With removable dentures, you will need to take care, slicing foods such as apples and carrots and cutting corn from the cob. With permanent, implant dentures, you are free to eat and chew food as you would with natural teeth.  

·         How long will they last?  
The longevity of your new smile depends on several factors. Removable teeth usually last between five and ten years. Advancements in technology have extended the lifespan of implant dentures. With proper care, affixed appliances can last as long as natural teeth would.  

·         How much will they cost?
There is simply no single answer to how much a full set of new teeth will cost. Oral health, mouth structure and personal preference all affect the final price of your new dentures. We offer many affordable options and will work with you to design a smile you will love.

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