Full Dentures can replace all or part of your missing teeth. Making eating , speaking, and smiling pleasant again. If you have painful teeth, missing teeth, poor fitting dentures that make eating out, or speaking in public a nuisance – Dentures or Partials may be an option for you.

What are Dentures? Dentures are replacement teeth that are fitted into an acrylic base that is crafted to look like your gums. An upper denture features a plate, which covers the roof of your mouth, while the lower denture is horseshoe-shaped and rests securely on the gum and bone tissues. Partial dentures can be customized to replace several missing teeth.

Do you have concerns about making the switch to full dentures? That’s okay. We encourage you to talk openly about your concerns and questions with your dentist. At Thurston Comprehensive Dental, we will provide answers to all of your questions. On-site dental technicians allow for personal attention.

You may be surprised by just how natural your dentures can look. Denture technology has advanced considerably. In fact, with the quality, comfort, and natural-looking appearance of dentures we’re sure you’ll feel comfortable and confident wearing.

You can look forward to a great smile—one that can make it easier to eat and speak.

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