Whether it tooth infection or injury, unfortunately sometimes teeth need to be removed. And some people think that there is no big deal when removing back teeth since you can't see them when smile. But it is a HUGE Deal. Sure, you aren't going to see the difference in the beginning, but over time tooth loss will actually make you look older. Loss of back teeth leads to more pressure on the front teeth. This pressure results in bucking out and spacing as people age, as well as the collapse of the face and premature aging.  And loss of front teeth leaving no lip support and that makes you look older as well.      This is exactly how the loss of one or two teeth can negatively impact your Appearance. Since the facial changes occur gradually, you may not notice them right away, but the skin around your jaw and chin with time will start to sag. Tooth loss can age you 10 years or more! If you already miss one or more teeth, don't wait, call us for FREE consultation (863)852-1227. We can fix it!
Posted by Eva De