Mouth is dark, dirty, moist places full of breeding bacteria. In fact one mouth can contain more bacteria than our people on earth.

When we brush our teeth, we scrubbing away all that access bacteria and also food particles and pluck.

When we don't brush, all that nasty stuff just continually builds up in our mouth. Our immune system goes into overdrive to try to clear all of it out, but it can't and the consequences not brushing at all - could be much worse than the cavities or gingivitis.



Let's start with the basics....



Plaque is a sticky bacterial film that coats your teeth and feeds of leftover sugars in your mouth. It produces enamel eating acid that eats away the surface layers of tooth leaving dark holes known as Cavities. The longer cavities stay untreated the larger they get.

So plaque can also cause inflammation of the gum, AKA – gingivitis, discolored teeth, oral abscess and horrible bad breath.

When bacteria really starts to build up, you increase your risk of developing something that called - Periodontitis. Which is the erosion of the teeth, gum and bone, that supports your teeth. Bone just cannot hold teeth anymore, so they fall out. This is the leading cause of tooth loss.

This stuff can get serious...

Bacteria in your mouth are both Good and Bad. And if you never brush your teeth - harmful, bad bacteria will find their way under your gums and get access to your blood.



Pretty Scary ...Right?



Poor oral care can also link to serious diseases, such as heart disease, COPD, pneumonia and endocarditis, which is an infection of the inner lining of your heart chambers and your heart valves.

And remember not brushing - erodes areas of your mouth? Well studies have shown, those pockets may serve as reservoir for HPV and cancer-causing substances. A few controversial studies have also claim to found links between bad oral hygiene and dementia.

So that's why you should go grab that tooth brush and floss and make that needed dentist appointment.


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