You've all seen those commercials about teeth straightening without dental visits. Sure, it is convenient, but is it actually good for your teeth and gums? Let's Talk about it!

There are a few companies that offer in-home orthodontic aligners, which patients use to straighten teeth without EVER seeing a dentist in person.

They just ask you to take photos of your teeth, bite down on a mold, and you will get orthodontic aligners in the mail.

The First Problem I see is there is no comprehensive evaluation done by a dentist prior the treatment. It is the protocol of the American Dental Association to have a complete oral evaluation done by a dentist before any orthodontic treatment. It is important for a dentist to diagnose the condition of the teeth/gums prior to orthodontic treatment. For example, if the patient has decay, plaque, gum disease or other conditions, this must be treated before the orthodontic treatment in order to prevent further complications or exacerbation of current diseased conditions. There is no way to know if you need to have dental treatment without seeing a dentist.

The patient is much more responsible for their oral health care with in-home orthodontic treatment. When you get this treatment done with a dentist, in an actual dental office, the dentist is able to monitor your dental hygiene and check for tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ disoders, and issues with the way you bite.

Orthodontic treatment without observation by a dentist could lead to tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontal diseases, root resorption and tooth loss.

Please do not gamble with your smile! We offer Clear Orthodontic Alighners that can get you the Smile you want without the risks!

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