This is the most popular question when it comes to dental implants. And there is no easy answer. Imaging building a house... The price for building the house will depend on many factors, the land, type of foundation, design of the house, materials, desired finishes etc. You will need a plan! The same can be said for dental implants. The total cost depends on factors such as bone level and density, number of implants, location of implant, sedation, patient health, desired final prosthesis. Some procedures that can also be involved include procedures such as bone grafts, extractions, tissue grafts, PRF(Platelet Rich Fibrin), or sinus lifts. To get the correct answer for your situation the dentist needs to evaluate your dental condition, and discuss with you what your desires are for the final product. This is your treatment plan! Then and only then can you receive an accurate cost of your dental implants. Call us at (863)967-7548 - and schedule your appointment for a comprehensive evaluation. If you would like more information, we encourage you to attend one of our complementary educational seminars, where our dentists will go into detail about dental implants and oral health in general. You will be able to meet our dentists and team members, and ask questions in a comfortable setting. Click on this link below to see our upcoming dental seminar schedule: You can also sign up for the dental implant seminar on that website or by calling our office at (863)967-7548. Looking forward to hearing from you!