Dental Insurance is a great benefit that is often provided through your employer. There are however some things you should keep in mind when thinking about purchasing dental insurance.


Annual limits: Your policy will come with an annual limit of $1000 - $2000. This means that when your coverage reaches that limit, you will not receive any more benefit until the next year. Even if that happens in January - Yet you will still have those monthly premiums.


Deductible: This is an amount that you will need to cover out of pocket before your plan pays for anything.


Allowed Amount: This is amount that the insurance company deems the limit they will consider for a service, regardless of the fee charged by the office. Your percentage will be based on this amount.


Alternate Benefit: This is a term insurance companies use when they want to pay for a different procedure than your dentist has diagnosed.


Your out of pocket cost will include: Your premium, your deductible, any amount over the “allowed amount”, any amount over the alternate benefit, and any amount over your annual limit. This can definitely add up, and you find yourself making decisions based on what your insurance will pay for or putting off treatment til next year.


AN ALTERNATIVE for you could be our MEMBERSHIP PLAN. You will pay 1 fee that includes your exam, regular hygiene appointments and radiographs for the year, as well as an emergency visit and office visit if you need it. Then you will receive 10% off ANY other service that is diagnosed for you. No Limits, No Deductible, No Surprise!


EASY TO JOIN! Click the link below for for details or to join our Office Membership Plan.

Call the office if you have questions about plan or your insurance coverage.