June is National Candy Month, but unfortunately, too much sugar plays a big role in cavities.

We know that many of our patients love candy...in fact, we do too! However, knowing some tips and alternatives in order to minimize the damage that candy can cause is always helpful.

Why Sugar Candy Is Bad For Your Teeth?

Each time you eat candy that contains sugar, you only end up feeding bacteria inside your mouth. The more sugar you eat, the more it’s able to feed and produce acids that are powerful enough to dissolve tooth enamel and caused tooth decay if left unchecked.

What Alternatives do You have?

You can also choose sugar free candies. Xylitol is a popular sweetener used in sugar free candy. Xylitol has been shown to inhibit the growth of the oral bacteria that causes cavities.

What You Can Do About It?

There are two things you can do prevent your sugar consumption from doing much damage on your teeth: cut down on your sugar intake, and preventative care by taking proper care of your teeth. Brush your teeth thoroughly after you eat candy and use floss at least once a day.

If you don’t want to buy in to the hype of National Candy Month, choose other snacks and goodies such as, nuts, string cheese or pretzels. It is much better than candy loaded with sugar.

No matter what you choose to snack on, you should always practice good dental hygiene. And remember - Prevention is still the #1 way to avoid cavities.

Now take these suggestions and enjoy National Candy Month! And don't forget, if you have any questions or concerns you can always call us (863)967-7548!