1. Sports-related injuries account for approximately 5 million missing teeth per year.

  2. The average american tooth is currently worth $3.19. Around 32% of children receive $1 for the lost tooth. But 5% of children receive $20 or more, bringing the nationwide average to $3.40

  3. 3Adults between the ages of 20-39 are twice as likely to have all their teeth, as those between ages of 40-60.

  4. Back in the Middle Ages, “barber-surgeons” were the people you would visit in order to get your face shaved and your teeth pulled.

  5. About 69% of adult ages 35-44 have lost at least one tooth.

  6. Tooth loss happens from decay and gums disease, and as a result of injury, cancer, or simply wear.

  7. More than 36 million Americans do not have any teeth, and 120 million people in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth.

  8. People who drink 3 or more glasses of soda each day have 62% more tooth decay, fillings and tooth loss than others.

  9. If you have a missing tooth. Without having any treatment done you will start developing bone loss.

  10. If you remove a tooth, it can cause the other teeth to shift in your mouth.