Finding the perfect dentist for your family can seem like a very daunting task, but we are here to help you. By looking for these qualities below, you will find the right dental clinic for you and your family in no time! Take a peek below at some of our most important qualities to be on the look out for.


What services do they offer?

Beyond the typical cleanings and standard services that most dental offices offer, find a comprehensive dental center that can help you with a variety of different services and treatments when and if they arise. Let’s say your child eventually needs braces, or maybe your father-in-law needs dentures at some point as they get older, by having everything right in one place, you don’t have to worry about finding another dental office! 

Here at Thurston Comprehensive Dental Center, we offer over 15 different services. Some of these services include dentures, teeth in one day, pediatric dentistry, and more making it the one stop shop for any and all of you and your families dental needs.


What do they offer for payment options?

The financial portion is an important aspect to do your research on before you commit to a dental center. For some, you may need to see if your insurance is accepted. For others, insurance may not be an option or you may not want to go that route which is perfectly okay, but then how do you plan to pay for your dental needs? This is where a membership can come in!

We offer two different membership plans, one membership plan for adults and one for children. With these memberships, we include two basic cleanings, an oral cancer screening, two exams per year, plus more for a small monthly fee making it affordable for Florida families all around.


How are the reviews?

This is an easy one to do, as most of the time, reviews are available all over. From social media and the businesses website, to Google as you are reviewing all of the different local businesses, you can read all about the experiences people have encountered. If you are extremely lucky, you can even turn to a trusted friend or family member on their experience, in hopes to steer you to the perfect dentist for both you and your family.


How much experience?

Lastly, don’t be afraid to check into the dental experience of the doctors within the office. Try to find a dental office where the education didn’t stop as soon as they graduated with their degree and they continue to learn the latest medical advances. To learn more about Dr. Thurston and Dr. Duke, click here - we promise you won’t be disappointed!