As we are approaching the cluster of holidays, it is important to keep our oral hygiene front of mind. We can still enjoy all the beverages and goodies that the holidays bring while keeping our teeth pearly white. Here are some of the tips that we suggest not only during the holidays but year-round!


  1. Be Cautious of Hard Candy

    • From candy canes, jolly ranchers, and peppermints, to all the other delicious but hard candies, you have to be careful that you don’t chip a tooth. It is best to suck on them until they dissolve versus chomping down and breaking them into many pieces. 

  2. Be Weary of Wine

    • For those who are of age, wine and alcohol in general is a tasty and satisfying treat that is often enjoyed during the holidays. However, if you love red wine there is a greater risk of it staining your teeth so keep this in mind when deciding on your beverage of choice. If you choose to drink red wine, try to pair it with food to limit how much sticks to your teeth.

  3. Your Teeth are Not Tools

    • As easy as it can be to use your teeth to bite off those tags on new clothing or on new toys for your kiddos, your teeth were not made to be biting onto those things. You don’t want to have chipped teeth, or worse, no teeth at your family gatherings.

  4. Don’t Eat all Day

    • Try to stick to your three solid meals a day to avoid food buildup and tooth decay. Always try to brush your teeth after you consume food to be sure your teeth are kept clean, and tooth decay and plaque can stay at a minimum.

  5. Always be Prepared

    • There is no shame in keeping your tooth game strong! Always be sure to have floss, tooth paste, and a tooth brush handy so that you can stay in your dental routine. Your future self with beautiful teeth will thank you and if you are traveling out of state, be sure to bring your dental benefits policy with you in the event you need something repaired while you are away.

  6. Schedule an Appointment

    • Be sure to have an appointment scheduled shortly after the holidays conclude so that you can have your dentist professionally clean your teeth and rid them of all the buildup before it becomes a problem.


The holidays don’t have to be stressful! Enjoy all the goodies, treats, unique foods, and beverages with your family and friends while also staying on top of your oral hygiene. To be sure you have an appointment lined up, schedule an appointment here or give us a call today at (863)-967-7548.