When you come to Thurston Comprehensive Dental Center, we pride ourselves on resolving your smile with nothing but the best and most modern dentures available. With three different denture options, you surely will find the perfect ones that fit your wants and needs the most. We offer full, partial, and implant-supported dentures - continue reading to learn more about each of them!

Full and Partial Dentures
A full mouth of dentures can be the perfect solution to replacing missing teeth or restoring a full arch of teeth. With tooth loss can come the inability to speak clearly, eat properly, or smile confidently to name a few but with custom-made dentures, you can be feeling back to yourself in no time!

Here at our facility, we only use the most modern and advanced technology when creating denture appliances to ensure that the look and feel is nothing but the best. Through our advanced technology, we can capture precise images of your oral structures before building your set of dentures. This helps to ensure that the dentures fit perfectly to your facial shape and smile preferences. During this process, we also keep oral health front of mind while creating the most natural and comfortable feel possible.

Do you have several missing teeth but not an entire arch of teeth missing? No worries, this is where partial dentures come into play and save the day! Don’t wait to have the smile you have longed for, and come on in today to receive a denture consultation.

Implant Supported Dentures
Have you ever heard of implant supported dentures? If you haven’t, here is a bit more about them. Implant-supported dentures are dentures that are secured by dental implants for stability versus traditional dentures that simply rest on the gum. Typically, these types of dentures tend to be more comfortable, while also allowing you to eat, speak, and smile more easily due to them being anchored and not able to slip and slide around.

Can dentures crack, break, or chip?
In short, the answer is yes, dentures can crack, break, or chip due to being made of acrylic. However, damage to dentures often happens because of an ill-fitting denture, old age, or simply dropping it. If you notice any sort of damage, especially to the pink base of your dentures, be sure to schedule an appointment as soon as possible to avoid damage to your soft gums and surrounding oral tissue.

More often than not, your dentures can be repaired. The even better news? We offer same-day denture repair at our on-site dental laboratory with one of our fabulous Denture Technicians that has over 30+ years of experience! Don’t wait, and give us a call immediately so that we can get your smile back on track immediately.

Don’t hesitate, and call us today at (863) 967-7548 or schedule an appointment here to learn more about our dentures!