Having beautiful pearly white teeth is something that most individuals often desire, however, it can be hard to give up the things that naturally can help increase whiteness. Some of these things include coffee, candy, wine, and everything in between that can slowly change the shade of your teeth into the undesirable yellow that we all try to avoid. 

Here at Thurston Comprehensive Dental, we offer two different teeth whitening methods to give you the whiter smile you want without all of the teeth sensitivity that often comes with over-the-counter teeth whitening methods. The best part? You can receive one of these two treatments in the comfort of your own home, with actual professional results!

Custom-Made Whitening Trays

It really is as easy as one, two, or three when you have your own custom-made whitening trays created. First, you will come in and we will take upper and lower impressions of your teeth. Next, we will fabricate your custom trays utilizing our advanced technology right within our office. Lastly, you will receive your personalized teeth whitening trays with our advanced whitening gel, and you will be able to utilize these at home regularly and consistently to achieve the brighter and whiter smile that you crave.

These trays are form-fitted to both your teeth and gum line and trimmed accordingly by a dental technician in order to avoid any unnecessary discomfort and set you up for the best success. Our professional whitening gel is safe, FDA-approved, and made right here in the USA. Give yourself the confidence you deserve, and utilize these custom-made teeth whitening trays today!


Laser Tooth Whitening

We strive to always have the most advanced technology to give allow you to achieve the smile you deserve in minimally invasive ways. The latest TouchWhite™ tooth whitening process has allowed us to do just that! Everything is right within the gel so that when the laser is utilized, it does not penetrate the hard tissue within your teeth which often creates soreness and sensitivity within your teeth after traditional whitening methods. 

This laser tooth whitening is often performed without an anesthetic due to it being a soft-tissue surgical procedure that is minimally invasive. This treatment is safe, fast, and effective making it the go-to for some patients that are on a tight timeline or simply want that stunning white smile that they have always craved!

To learn more about our teeth whitening services, you can take a look at our website here or call us today at (863)-967-7548.